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Short Stories 365:236

I have a pretty major headache brewing, so I'll be brief today.

"Migration," by Nancy Kress

I received a copy of Beyond the Sun because I backed the kickstarter and I popped it onto my Kobo over the week. This is the first story, and it has everything good about science fiction. A brilliant setting, a character with depth and layers revealed as the story progresses, an edge of social commentary, and - frankly - adorable fuzzy aliens!

Seriously. I want a pupcat.

The story itself has a broad streak of mystery to it, so I can't say a whole lot - but the core of the narrative is a young man who has made his way to a planet known for two things: genetic engineering, and fuzzy cute alien pupcats. His reasons for coming is the crux of the story, but the characters, the setting, and this reason combine for a real treat of an SF story. Loved it. Can't wait to get to more from this anthology.