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Short Stories 365:21

Trains will always evoke a kind of historical weight for me. When I wrote my own tale for Riding the Rails it was the closest I've ever come to writing a piece not set in the general here-and-now - and even then I cheated a bit and tucked in the there-and-then alongside a more real here-and-now.

But trains seemed to bring out that historical feel from quite a few of the authors in the collection.

"No Mincing Words," by Rob Rosen

This short - and sweet - story takes place on a depression-era steam train, where the "Bull" is told there's a stowaway. That the stowaway is like everyone else - just trying to find work - doesn't move him much until their eyes meet, and after that there's definitely some work that might get accomplished.

Fun, quick, and light, "No Mincing Words" does just that, and tells a meet-cute story (with a sweaty side) to boot.