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Short Stories 365:155

One facet of my relationship with my husband that I've never made secret is our somewhat opposed views on the perfect pet. I love cats. He loves dogs. One of us has wiggle room in our ability to handle the other camp's preference, so there's likely a doggy in our future.

When my friends aren't writing about their amazing dogs, they're posting cute pictures of their amazing dogs, and then when we visit their dogs totally work the room and wrap themselves around my fellow. It's like a doggy human shield. With sloppy kisses.

And then there are the dogs in fiction - fiction! - who make it even harder. So when I saw the next story in Raising Hell had a cat, I thought 'finally! A story to show my fella!'

Then I read on...

"You've Got the Eyes of a Stranger," by Mel Bossa

Okay, so a demon in the form of a cat, trying to ruin the life of at least one human... Maybe not the tale to show my man to swing him over go the cat side of the debate. But what the Bossa tale costs me in terms of feline campaigning, it makes up for with a sweaty sexy story with rising tension toward what might be the demon's success.

Though trapped in the form of a cat as the launching point for his evil plan, the demon in question has what he thinks is a full proof plan. No one hurts each other like lovers, and these two men are ripe for causing each other pain. The ultimate destination, though, zigs where you thought it might zag. It's clever.