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Short Stories 365:136

I found out today that yesterday's efforts on the CBC #CanadaWrites challenge paid off: I've got one tweet on each of the two lists; one for lawmakers, one for lawbreakers. They are these two:

He didn't recognize me now, with the scars he'd left on me. Was funny, since now I didn't recognize me without them.


He hadn't intended this path, but when he wrote the copy for his disposal business - "We'll bury it!" - he'd gotten clients.

Huzzah for contests, and the fun that is the CBC.

Speaking of lawbreaks and lawmakers...

"Path of Gold," by Jeff Lindemann

A finalist for the 2011 Saints and Sinners short fiction contest, this story comes from the anthology of entries. Jeff Lindemann has an amazing voice, and I got to hear him read this one. It's a testament to his ability that each character came complete with one of his many voices, and the setting - his peculiar piece of the south - is pretty much a character itself.

A priest, his mother, and a young man with a knack for odd jobs get together in a brief tangle that shuffles the deck and deals out a new order of power, corruption, and - as with all Lindemann's tales - a charming sort of deprecating southern humour.