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Short Stories 365:132

I know, I know. I'm all about Saints and Sinners Literary Festival these days. Well, looking forward to that awesome event is pretty much the best part of my writing life. I adore the event, and oh my lord, I've been telling you this for weeks and weeks.

Um. So. How was your day? Everything's good?

Okay, one more thing!

The judge for this year's Short Fiction contest was Felice Picano - whose short fiction is freaking wonderful. When I found out he was judging the contest, I nearly didn't enter, because I was that freaked out. I adore this man's work. Also, in person, he's really nice, like everyone I've met through the festival.

"Everyone Has a Shazam!" by Felice Picano

If you've not been paying attention, I love me a revisitation tale. "Do-over" is the sub-genre I love the most, but just a couple of characters meeting again after years (and the growth that comes with time) is something I love. This story, which appears in Saints & Sinners 2011: New Fiction from The Festival, is a perfect example of my favourite style of tale, but given that delightful Picano twist of chance and tangent and characters brilliant enough to make you squint at the page.

When someone from the (awkward) past makes a resurgence, there's a thrill of potentiality (but softened by the edge of likely reality) but the men involved weave and shift through the past and present and leave you with a slice of life that's so wonderfully evocative.