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Short Stories 365:128

The husband and I went to go see Iron Man 3 this evening. You need to watch through the credits for the wee teaser thereafter, by the way. It was great. I loved it. I'd love to chat about it but I don't want to risk spoiling anything for anyone. So. Go see. Then hit me up for a chat.

I had a headache most of the day (because, after all, it was my day off, which seems to mean a custom-ordered headache lately). I know it's mostly due to trying to sleep in, and the air pressure shifting from hot day to very cool evening (with a chance of rain), but it rankled. Also on the rankling front was an unwelcome message sparked from a comment I left on an author's status on Facebook. It was over the whole OSC thing, which I'm so tired of talking about, but I always try to make the same single point if I see it come up. Nothing like a healthy dose of bigotry in your in-box to remind you of your place.

"Silent Passion," by Kathleen O'Malley

I picked up my very old copy of Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction; Original Gay and Lesbian Writing today, and was sliding my finger down the table of contents when I remembered this story. I re-read, and it was as wonderful as I remembered.

A man with a dying mother receives what's basically a "come home, I'm dying, and I want you to be right with God before I go" message from her planet. He is currently on a different alien world, where - by virtue of the potentially deafening and/or lethal noise on the planet - he must wear sound dampeners. Here he has met a wonderful man, Ray, who is deaf (an asset on this world) and studying the local alien race, who communicate through sign language. They are together, but now the reality of the approaching death of the mother leaves him with a decision to make.

This story is beautiful, a wonderful and gentle love story set aside some harsh cultural divides and a beautiful alien landscape.