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Short Stories 365:117

I've been feeling the short fiction bug biting me again lately. Work is a wee bit crazy, but it's slowly falling under control, and I've been typing away on my phone quite a bit on breaks and lunches, and sometimes on the bus (until I start to feel woozy). A while back, Rebekah Weatherspoon mentioned her "to-do" writing list for the next eighteen months, and I had a wee bit of a slack-jawed moment.

All that? In eighteen months?

My plans are nowhere near as grand, but include:

  • "Untitled Story #4287" - A romantic story set in Ottawa a few days after most of civilization is wiped out. Oh, and there's a massive winter storm.
  • "Blue Sharp" - a story about a hearing impaired synesthete who starts to hear music from someone else's heart.
  • "Triad 1" - the first novel(la?) featuring Luc, Curtis, and Anders
  • "Heaven Scent" - The second Mark Ward story/mystery.
  • "Unnamed Detective #2" - The second Unnamed Detective story/mystery. I think it might end up being called "Guilty Party" but I'm not sold on the title.

    I should probably re-order those into deadline groups. You'd think I'd learn to form better writing-around-work habits, but I often find myself huddled under a blanket at my keyboard into the wee hours of the night as deadlines approach.

    That's a method, right?

    "Study Break," by Rebekah Weatherspoon

    See what I just did there? Okay, if you've not been paying attention to my previous discussions of the phenomenal Rebekah Weatherspoon, then I don't understand what's wrong with you. Seriously. Seek help. But! Before you rush off to get examined, you'll be wanting to pick up her books. The Fling is a lovely romance, and sexy as all get out (it starts with nipples), and if you like paranormal at all, her take on vampires and demons is so freaking unique and really sexy hot that you should nab the Vampire Sorority Sisters books. Both of them.

    This short story, which appears in Women of the Dark Streets visits a few of the characters in the vampire sorority books, and gives you an inside view of something that happens in book one (that you don't know about while you're reading book one, but is later referenced in book two). I love these characters - Cleo, Benny, and Camilla - and if you want either a glimpse of their characters and world (to whet your appetite for the Vampire Sorority Sisters books) or if you just want another dose of the ladies while you wait for another book (it's like freaking salt and vinegar chips, I want more as soon as I finish one), "Study Break" will do it for you. Showing both Benny and Cleo when they're on their own - or at least think they are - gives you a real insight into their minds at a time you don't quite get to see in the plots of the other books. I'm not saying it fills in a gap, so much as it tells a small complete story about a time that has passed by book two. And I'm a completionist, so it made me damned happy to have another view of these ladies.

    Go. Buy. Read. You can thank me later.

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