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Short Stories 365:100

One hundred short stories.

First off, how can we already be one hundred days into 2013?

I closed the store tonight, and I'm wiped. On my way home, I meandered further along the audiobook version of Fool for Love.

No seriously, one hundred days? Already?

There are days where I feel like time is speeding past like a bullet train. I've had a few people remember me at the new store saying, "Oh, you came back! You've been gone, what, a couple of years?"

"Six or seven."

Egad. And today someone mentioned how they were born during something that I remembered happening in high school. So that was nice. Unlike most of high school.

"Like No One's Watching," by John Helmin

When I first read this story, I thought thusly: Josh Helmin is up next, with "Like No One's Watching," and I have to say I fell in love (alongside the character) with this lovely version of a high school that I hope is closer to reality every day. It was lovely to read this young character and connect with him, and the "awww!" factor was off the scale.

As an audio, the reader/performer really played out the tone well. High school is such a time of uncertainty, and as the character allowed himself to realize his identity, the shake in the voice was so very present I had a visceral reaction, and suddenly it was quite okay that high school was so long ago. I wouldn't do it again for the world.