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The sea is represented in many different forms in this anthology from Lethe Press.

I took a sick day today. I won't add "and I never take sick days" because yesterday, at work, when I was considering it, I ran a payroll report and found out that I did indeed take a sick day last year. Oddly enough, same week.

I feel guilty when I call in sick. That said, I knew I felt like crap already. Having watched my husband valiantly fight the same cold for the week leading up to this point - the hubris of my assuming I was going to get through that without getting sick myself aside - I figured a day in bed with the sweats/hot/cold/sneeze and cough melange would be better than trying (and failing) to do the same at work.

So that's where I've been the last couple of days - but there's also been some really good stuff, too. I just haven't done much about it.

Thing the first is that Steve Berman released the cover and table of contents (and, to the authors, the proofs) for THE TOUCH OF THE SEA. I've been reading the stories while curled up in a ball of misery, blankets, and Nyquil, and let me tell you, I'm loving them. I've only got a few left, and I should be done by the morrow, but there's a magnificent variety in the stories. The theme is the sea, but the times, places, and mythologies involved really reach far in many directions.

Thing the second is of a similar bent - I got the proofs for SWEAT: GAY JOCK EROTICA which has a first for me. I've got two tales in the anthology. I've read a few of the stories from SWEAT as well, and I have to say if you're a fan of jocks, you'll enjoy these tales of wrestlers, runners, football players and more.

Third, in less than a month, I'll be back at Saints and Sinners! To say I look forward to Saints and Sinners is something of an understatement. The people are awesome, the classes rock, and the readings never fail to separate some cash from my wallet. This year, there's a different format (it's the 9.5 Edition of the festival, so the big 10th Anniversary will be next year) and I'll be taking a writing class with Radclyffe (colour me nervous and intimidated). The topic is point of view, which is awesome, as I'm looking ahead to the Triad novel idea and seeing a problem in that regard: do I rotate through all three characters, or do I use a single character point of view, or..?

It's perfect timing.

As for LIGHT - that first novel that isn't finished yet - I'm still plugging away. I only hate it most of the time, so I think that's progress.