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Coventry: 6

Oof. Tired. Sore. Cranky.

Oh hey - we left Keelie in the same position, didn't we?

If you've been following my chapter-by-chapter walk through A Coventry Christmas, you'll hopefully have already whet your appetite for fun romance, and be itching to know what's going on with the non-Christmas part of the novel's title.

Well, here we are.

Chapter the Sixth (Come to Coventry, We Have Sex Night!)

In this chapter, we get to Coventry for the first time, and Keelie gets to fall asleep in a library, meet Holly and Ivy's grandmother, learn about "Sex Nights" and almost commit vehicular manslaughter. Okay, that last part's unfair, since Evan is driving at the time.

It's probably obvious I've enjoyed every chapter so far in the book, but for me, this chapter is the part where I snuggle down in my blanket, smile, and think welcome to Coventry.

Coveted Coventry Moments:

  • Limes for sex night. Hee hee!
  • The history of Coventry. I like that Becky Cochrane weaves so much lovely Texan history into this story.
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