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Coventry: 5

Today stickabutter and I were texting during our work breaks about how our days were going. Both of us mentioned how falling off a ladder and kinda-sorta breaking our ankle and then having to take some time off before Christmas would be...

Um. Let me find the right words.

Perfectly freaking wonderful.

Don't get us wrong, we both love our jobs, but it's Christmas, we have both recently had scheduling issues, and we're both starting to get the crankies. Reading A Coventry Christmas is partly so perfectly wonderful because of just the very thing that is about to happen to Keelie in Chapter 5. If it sounds a little weird that both of us find ourselves loving the escapism of a character who is about to break her ankle, well, I'm gonna guess you don't work retail at Christmas.

All joking aside, welcome to the start of where things really start to go off plan for Keelie and the gang...

Chapter the Fifth (Or Show Me on the Doll Where Mike Vale Touched You, and Alvin Must Die)

I have a hate/hate relationship with the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song. I think the hula-hoop should be given to Alvin immediately. Around his neck. Tight. There. I said it. I don't regret it.

The fact that Keelie has an interaction with a customer about Alvin is one of the few redeeming things I can consider about that bloody song. Every time I hear it, when it gets to the part where Alvin wants his hula-hoop, I actually put aside my vision clouding rage over that tune and smile a wee bit. Because of Keelie. See? Becky Cochrane may have saved a life with this book.

There is also the accident in this chapter, which sets up the rest of the book and - like I said - gives me a bone-deep shuddering sigh of pure escapism every time. I've had broken bones, and I know they're not pleasant. At all. But having no choice but to be immobile (and a little high) instead of working through to Christmas Eve?

I'm there.

I also love the deft way that Shrinkage Guy goes from being a minor nuisance to a potential confounding companion in this chapter. It felt natural, and Keelie's almost instant head-smack over her actions made me grin. Who hasn't had a generous impulse backfire?

Coveted Coventry Moments:

  • "I think romance cover model Mike Dale might be wedged up my butt. And not in a kinky, fun way." Again with the perfect whipcrack dialog.
  • Keelie's mom: "Stick it to the man." Ha! I love their relationship. In fact, their whole phone call, from beginning to end, is fabulous.
  • Evan and Ted interacting, and Keelie watching (and judging them both to be like children). Sometimes fiction just reads so damn true.
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