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Coventry: 3

When I get really tired, my stammer and stutter come back. Today, by about four in the afternoon, I was making Porky Pig sound loquacious and suave. I have tomorrow off, and intend to sleep in quite a bit. That's one of the trade-offs of retail work. As much as you may want to tackle a whole bunch of stuff (tm) on your day off during the holiday season, sleeping in is really appealing, too. We'll see who wins out tomorrow - lazy 'Nathan or accomplished 'Nathan. It might be a tie, since I can do stuff around the house in my PJs.

When I started chapter three of A Coventry Christmas today, I realized that Keelie was having a day off. Kismet! That Becky Cochrane may have followed Stickabutter around to eerily mirror her life, but the Twilight Zone moment was for me today.


Chapter the Third (Waking Up is Hard to Do, Family, and Shrinkage Guy)

Keelie's day off plan of sleeping in is broken by a call. Gram! Okay, Keelie's grandmother is a freaking gem of a character. For one, she may or may not remind me a whole bunch of a certain uptight British family that may or may not have been a major part of my own upbringing. Maybe. For another, there's nothing like family to hold a mirror up to a character and expose them. I love how much family - and I'm not just talking biological family - plays a role in Becky Cochrane's books. Both Keelie's mother, sister, step-father and gram have major influence on Keelie throughout the novel (I know, I know, I'm talking about chapters that haven't happened yet) but so does the "chosen family" that Keelie has found.

I also love the continuing agony that Keelie is having at work. Rodney (the evil boss) is just horrible, but now Shrinkage Guy (Ted) is on the scene, and he's inscrutable. I will confess that I wondered if we'd just met the male romantic lead here. The fun little coincidence that is tossed in with Ted is amusing, and Keelie's realization made me laugh out loud. I did that a lot with this book - laugh out loud - and that's one of the reasons I come back to it every year.

Coveted Coventry Moments:

  • Gram! "Love to hate" is too strong a way to put it, but she's a joy to read.
  • Keelie doesn't like cats? Say it ain't so. I suppose every character has to have a flaw. I think I learned about that in my English lit classes all those years ago.
  • Santa. Amen, buddy. Amen.
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