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Coventry: 17

I have been opening my daily advent LEGO calendar as another one of my wee Christmas traditions throughout December. LEGO was a huge toy for my husband when he was a kid, and I loved it quite a bit myself (though most of my heart was definitely firmly in the grasp of the Transformers and/or pencil crayons). Dolls - or LEGO - or any toy, really - kept me occupied longer than directions would have led you to believe. My mother used to say that me and a pad and a pencil was all the babysitter I ever needed.

So when Keelie has her chat about dolls in chapter seventeen of A Coventry Christmas, I had a wee smile on my face, remembering hours spent drawing, playing with Transformers or LEGO, and/or drawing Transformers or LEGO. My chapter-a-day trip through Becky Cochrane's novel is getting closer to the end, but every chapter has one of these lovely moments in it that remind me of why I fell in love with Coventry in the first place.

Chapter the Seventeenth (Or, Of Course I Make My Bed Every Day... Usually)

Keelie is in Coventry, her career path has changed, and oh but I want to live there. Again, it's the conversations (like the one about Barbies I mentioned above) that made me grin the most, but it's Keelie's progression that steals the show. I also keep mentioning how much I love that it's not a man motivating her. Did I mention that today yet? Yeah? Just then. Okay, good.

Coveted Coventry Moments:

  • The whole Barbie conversation.
  • How guilty I felt at the "unmade bed" part.
  • The scene between Jennifer and Keelie, and their frank discussion.
  • Ivy, at the end. Ha!
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