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Coventry: 16

After a long day of work, the bath is nearly always on the menu for me. Long soak. Hot water. Bubbles. Bath salts. I wash the day right out of my (figurative) hair and relax. So, climbing into the bath - much like climbing into Keelie's head - is just a lovely way to relax...

And the bath is where we find Keelie at the start of chapter sixteen, on my day by day journey through A Coventry Christmas by Becky Cochrane.

Chapter the Sixteenth (Or, It's Not Easy, Being Queen)

I love the scene where Keelie and Evan are in the pub and Keelie realizes that Evan won't be a secret Camilla, but an open consort. Wonderful moment. In fact, the interplay between Evan and Keelie is one of the real strengths of the book. Their conversation at the close of the chapter makes me smile every time.

And - once again - I love that Keelie is so self-contained. Her life is under her own control. The fella? Not her reason for doing things. Love it.

Coveted Coventry Moments:

  • The pool sharks.
  • "Is it Midol week already?"
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