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Coventry: 12

Today was a typical retail Christmas day. I waded through today, and felt every step of it. Also today, I saw that multiple friends had good news. Jory Mickelson has had some awesome (and well-deserved) publication announcements, and the machine-of-prose Greg Herren has a new series beginning. I love days where every time I turn my eyes to the internet there's good news for my friends, even when I'm having craptastic days (indeed, especially when I'm having craptastic days).

On my chapter-a-day trip through A Coventry Christmas by Becky Cochrane, the kismet continues. Keelie is having a pretty craptastic time herself - and her friends are doing very well.

Luckily, mom is there for some advice.

Chapter the Twelfth (Or, Momma Always Said There'd Be Days Like This)

One of the things I adore - absolutely adore - about A Coventry Christmas is the relationship Keelie has with her mother. Polly and Keelie have a perfectly written mother-and-daughter synergy, and her mother's business - organizing the lives of others - makes for a fun foil for Keelie, who is really feeling the funk.

Who hasn't looked at their life and thought, am I doing this right? Hell, I've done that multiple times this freaking week. Keelie never quite descends into helplessness, though, and the decision she makes at the end of the chapter - after the phenomenal call she makes to her mother - marks a kind of turning point for her character in my mind. Keelie doesn't know if she'll succeed, but she's going to try.

You could probably hear my "Go, girl!" all the way from up here, huh?

Coveted Coventry Moments:

  • Phone call with Mom. Aw.
  • Rodney! So enjoyable to learn his fate.
  • It hit me like a ton of horses.
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