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Joel Lane's story balances on the notion of a kind of second chance for "one more moment." If you could, would you? Should you? Moving.

May is "Short Story Month."

I love a second chance story - or a story of a second chance to say what you wish you could say. "Heart" came from that feeling, as did "Elsewhen." I think many stories of slightly paranormal bent come from the same place: were the world just a bit more magical, what couldn't we do with our cracked hearts?

And should it be done, were it possible?

Joel Lane's "The Grief of Seagulls" is the next story in THE TOUCH OF THE SEA, and it aches with this sense of loss - and potential for one last moment, memory, or touch is overpowering. The way the tale plays out I won't ruin, but the textures and colours of this story are vivid and richly evocative.

Very moving story.