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Read more, write more.  I have been reading Stephen King's "On Writing" and two things stand out beyond the rest.  I know that everyone has their point of view and if you've read his book, you probably have a completely different take-away but here it is.  First, his thought is that if...
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Rewriting is a tedious enough process, I'd rather not have added computer trouble to it.  My laptop is on the blink and it has slowed my process.  I'm hoping to get things squared away this week so that the writing process will get back on track.  After having deviated greatly from the original...
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Today is a day mixed with emotions.  I am getting closer to the completion of my first novel but the re-write process is much longer than I had anticipated.  As I closed the document last night I have completely re-written the first 130 pages.  I imagine that the next 170 will be much of the same...
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