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West Hollywood Book Festival

I did my very first authors' panel today.  Thanks to Corey Roskin for making the West Hollywood Book Festival a really pleasant experience.  Amy Wallen, Moon Pies and Movie Stars (http://www.amywallen.com) was a great moderator, and I was in some illustrious company, notably Selden Edwards, The Little Book (http://www.seldenedwards.com), David Fuller, Sweet Smoke (http://www.sweetsmokedavifuller.com), and Peter Balasakas.  And thanks to Book Soup, the fantastic Hollywood indie bookstore, for sponsoring the signing booth.  I look forward to doing more festivals.  Panels at book fairs have a lot going for them: a built in audience, a conversation rather than a presentation, and the company of other writers.  Great fun!

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I agree

I love the energy that is shared when great minds converse for the benefit of all who are in attendance. My favorite panel experience to date was on the subject of spirituality. I loved listening to the discussion between Elizabeth Gilbert, Po Bronson and the other authors on the stage.

It must have been a thrill to be on the author side of a stimulating discussion. Congratulations!