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West Hollywood Book Festival

I'll be on the First Novelists panel at the West Hollywood Book Festival on September 28.  This will be my first such experience.  Woohoo!  I'll report back on how it goes.  I love West Hollywood, and I expect this to be fun.

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Let me know if you see any

Let me know if you see any diamond studded book covers! :-)

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Wear natural fibers and you'll have a great time.

Last year's West Hollywood festival was fun, but it was BLAZING hot! So you might want to dress accordingly. (If only I'd known that before I put on that ski-bib-with-control-top-pantyhose combo.)

 Still, I had a great time there last year and did two blog posts on it.




Have fun! 

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WEHO Book Festival

Hey June,

Yes, I figured it would be hot. I should wear some Dune-like self-air-conditioning robe.

But your experience is exactly what I'm talking about. You just never know what's going to happen in WEHO! I can't wait.