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Jan 2008

Nasseri & Starr met over 20 years ago in the south Texas city of San Antonio where they both attended Longfellow Junior High School and shared a love for 80's alternative music and culture. Starr worked for fifteen years as a graphic designer and marketing director before launching his career as an abstract painter and author in 2004. Nasseri & Starr reunited in San Francisco in the beginning of 2006 and began writing "You, Me and Morrissey." The team co-authored the “Idealist Manifesto” www.starrstudios.org which has garnered support from around the world from other artists including Academy Award Nominee Virginia Madsen.

Sean Starr

Sean Starr is a California Abstract Painter and Author. Born in San Diego California on April 28, 1968 to a Ukrainian-American father and an Irish-American mother. His early years were spent in the Ukrainian immigrant settlement of Cleveland, Ohio known as Parma Heights. At the age of 8 the Starr family moved to South Texas where in his early twenties he worked for his father as a commercial graphic designer. In early 2005, after a near fatal car accident in Albert Lea, Minnesota, Sean decided to leave the corporate world and devote his time to the exploration of his artwork and writing. Sean has shown his work at the Agora Gallery in New York City, The University of Washington, Tacoma, Napa California, Texas and San Francisco. His first published work “You, Me and Morrissey” released by Éditions Marie Claude in February of 2007 has attracted readers from all over the globe as well as critical acclaim.


Sean has shown his work at the Agora Gallery in New York City, The University of Washington, Tacoma, Napa California, Texas and San Francisco.

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Thousands (Over 9,800 MySpace Friends and more than 8,500 Blog Reads) around the world interact with him via the internet. www.myspace.com/seanstarr68
He currently paints and writes in the San Bernardino Mountains that he now calls home.

Colin Nasseri

Colin Nasseri is a Texas born writer that has spent the last twelve years in San Francisco. In addition to his writing he has been part of several bands as guitarist and lyricist. Immersed in UK Mod culture he brings a unique perspective to projects dealing with subculture movements in music and the arts.

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You, Me and Morrissey
by Colin Nasseri & Sean Starr

You, Me and Morrissey is a collection of autobiographical short stories capturing snapshots of love, loss, bigotry, violence, artistic birth, and mental illness. Each story is set to the soundtrack of a Smiths or Morrissey title or lyric, and documents the trials of youth and adulthood, and how the music and the ever-present specter of Morrissey influenced and altered the paths of the authors forever. From 1980's humdrum Texas towns, to a San Francisco meeting with Morrissey himself, the stories revolve around the ups and downs of balancing an art-driven life with the insanities of day to day living in the "real world."

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