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Author and friend Liz Prato asked her Facebook friends the following question: Who is the most important person in literature? a) the author; b) the narrator; c) the character(s); d) the reader 

Since I was just getting ready to teach a writing class, I thought I would give it a shot and answer her question. Below is my response. I would enjoy knowing your own responses. 

Writers are asking readers to join them in a pas de deux. They hope that by creating a vivid world filled with reliable and convincing narration, and characters readers will take our hand and follow us into a dance. 

Which of these are more important?

Without the writer, there would be no character, no narrator, no reader. And without the reader, living inside each writer, there would be nothing worth reading, and therefore -- no dance.... See More

In other words, a reader and a writer are one in the same. A good writer is and must be a good reader. By good, I mean astute. Someone that can not only pen the prose, but also look at their words and determine if they have the emotional core the writer hopes to convey.

Perhaps the question is what is more important - a writer or his/her audience? And for that I would again have to say it is a dance -- both partners important and supportive of the other. A writer gives the world form. An audience makes that form fly.