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World Book Night and progress

I received an email this morning that said that I had been selected to give out books on World Book Night in April.  To say the least, I was excited! I gave out twenty copies of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game last year and loved doing it.  I signed up again this year, but didn't know if I would be selected until the receipt of this email. I don't recall what I put down as my book choices besides Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief, but whichever book* it is, I will be thrilled to be doing it again. 

It is fun to put books into the hands of light or non-readers and see what happens. If the ideas or the love of reading takes root, that is progress.

Another type of progress: my needlepoint canvas (one of my New Year's resolutions). 


Being technologically challenged with an older cell phone, I had to send my photo to my son Mark who then posted it to my Facebook page.  From there I copied and pasted it here.  Hopefully, as I work on my canvas throughout the year, I will post updated photos of my progress.

As can be seen, much of the swan is completed (the gray feathers, the beak and head) as well as some of the gray in the clouds. But there is still lots to do before the year ends.


* to see all the books to be given away on World Book Night, go to worldbooknight.org and click on the link to the 2013 book list.



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great program

Where and to whom are you handing out books? My husband and I will also be giving books this year. Last year we gave away I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and The Namesake to students and tutors at an adult literacy program.

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Last year I gave out my books

Last year I gave out my books in front of the local grocery store.  It is one of the "hot spots" (so to speak) in my small city. I will probably do the same thing as it was successful.  I handed most of the books out to people going in and out of the store (or walking toward the other stores in the mall).  I tried to get younger people as the book tends to appeal to youth. ~nan

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Kate, What book(s) are you


What book(s) are you giving out this year?  And to whom? And where do you plan on giving them out? At the adult literacy program?  I wish I knew of a program around here as that would be a great way to give away the books. 

I finally got my title; it is Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief, which was my first choice.  It is a perfect choice for youth and light reading adults. It is engaging and actually "teaches" Greek mythology throughout the novel.  The whole series is Greek myths retold, and its subsequent series covers Roman mythology and how the two mythologies overlap and are modified from one culture to the next.   

Best wishes,