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What I'm reading right now...and what I just finished up

Yesterday, I finished up  a novel, Skinny Dip, by Carl Hiaasen.  I had never read anything by him, but his novels were suggested to me by one of the people in my book group.  Another seconded that opinion so I went to the shelf and picked one of his novels in  a random manner (literally I just grabbed one off the shelf without regard to content).  Not a bad read...I liked the satire and humor of his writing, and it was particularly appropriate in hindsight since last Wednesday was Earth Day. Having read it, and enjoyed it, I will probably check out another of his novels in the near future.

I am still working on Whoever Fights Monsters, the nonfiction book about serial killers (it was given to me by friends who thought I might enjoy it...okay, wrong choice of words there, better choice is that I might find it interesting).   It is interesting subject matter, but it is a bit too intense, at times, to read it cover to cover without pause.  

I am also reading, again, Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie.  The book group at the library chose it for May so I am re-reading it.  A fair amount of time has passed since I originally read it so I felt I needed a refresher course in able to discuss it intelligently with the other members of the group.  In light of just recently having read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, it gives me a different perspective than when I first read it.  Perhaps these types of "life lesson"books always do that...seem different because the time of my life is different.  There are some similarities between the two books.  Each has the potential to teach readers ways to have more fulfulling, better lives.  I guess only time will tell whether this reading will affect me differently than the last time.

I guess it's about time to head back to the library to return Skinny Dip and pick something new to read.  Or just maybe, I will hit the links.  The weather is just about perfect for a round of golf, and time is too short to stay inside and read.  Nah, I can do both (and help get the boat ready for the water)!