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To e-read or not to e-read...

that is the question.  But what is the answer?  As I think about this, I feel like I am in the 1980s all over again when trying to decide whether to go with a Betamax or a VHS player/recorder.  Everything that we had read about the differences said the Betamax was far superior, yet in the marketplace VHS won the day.  We even bought the Beta, and then eventually bought a VHS player, too.  The quality was better on the Beta machine, but the tapes could rarely be found.

I feel the same way about e-readers.  First of all, I like books! The feel of pages in my hand, for example, is something that e-readers can't give.  But with e-readers, there are already so many choices.  Kindle from Amazon (I know several people  who have them and love them.  My older son is an example.), Nook from  Barnes and Noble, Kobo from Borders, and Sony's e-reader are out in the marketplace.  But which to choose, if any? And are the different ones compatible with each other's software?  Or is it going to be like the Beta versus VHS situation? Proprietary software that virtually eliminates that everyone but the particular e-reader?  

Recently, my husband put out his first e-book, McGowan's Call  (originally in paperback), and is contemplating putting his newest novel, McGowan's Return, out on Kindle, too. But can anyone buy it, then download it, and be able to read it? Could someone who owns a Nook? A Kobo? A Sony e-reader?

Until I have these answers, I won't be purchasing any e-reader.  On the other hand, I read that all the Harry Potter novels will soon be on Sony's e-reader.  Something to do with Pottermore, maybe? Will this do the same thing to Kindle and Nook and the others as VHS did to Beta? And if it does,  has Sony won this technology battle? This inquiring mind wants to know.  

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I have the same dilemma

I have the same dilemma about e reading... For now, I have opted to not get into e reading. I like to walk into bookstores and browse and look at front covers of books and walk through shelves hoping to land a good find. My only problem is my vision. I need reading glasses and with e reading one can enlarge the font! I am not a fiction reader and I prefer cookbooks, craft books, non-fiction. With cooking and crafts, hmmmm.... looking at photos from a gadget does not excite me. Thank you for sharing!

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I doubt I will ever go the e-reading route, no matter how bad my eyesight, because I like the feel of a book in my hands. I like looking at the covers, reading the back cover, and the satisfaction of turning the pages. I have read things on Adobe and I usually print them out rather read on the screen.

Thanks for your comments..~nan