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The "project"...working on the outside

Our continuing work-in-progress, our "project", AKA the new (old) house, is once again centered on the house itself rather than the landscaping.  Now, we are working on the exterior of the house.

Our current project was to replace two doors.  The first was the side door, the other was the front door.  Although the doors were sound, we finally decided to update them both.  Of all the household fix-up jobs, Rob really dreaded this one; however, we took measurements and headed out to our local Menards to check their stock.  We found doors that we liked and in the correct size, and purchased them along with shims and caulk.

Loading them into one of our two "trucks" (our Toyota Prius), we carefully brought them home. Rob removed the old door, and we began to fit the new door into the space.  Replacing doors is always a bit tricky, and this one was no different.  We pushed and shoved it into place, squaring the door up until the space was evenly filled.  The fit was tight, as desired, but then it had to be removed to further prepare the door for the ultimate fit.  That's when it really got more difficult as the door didn't want to come out of the opening.  While I pushed from the inside, Rob was pulling from the other side.  The door didn't want to budge.  "Push harder, and from the top!" he said.  At first it wouldn't move (a body at rest likes to stay at rest) but then like the laws of physics, it became a body in motion (which likes to stay in motion) as I pushed much harder, and it toppled over onto Rob and set off a chain reaction of knocking down not only Rob, but the ladder that was behind him.  Fortunately, he wasn't on the ladder and he wasn't hurt.  The door, however, was rather heavy as we dragged it up and off him.

After ascertaining that all was well and that he wasn't hurt in the fall, Rob applied the caulk to the sides of the door, and we readied the door for the proper insertion.  Moving it back into place, we centered it and I held it as Rob shimmed the door, squared it up, and nailed it into place.  

The following day, we replaced the front door the same way, but fortunately, no doors fell on unsuspecting husbands.  Needless to say, it was a much easier process, and not nearly as traumatic.

A few days later, we again made a trek to Menards for the trim strips to frame the door.  While looking (after calculating the number needed) at the individual pieces, we discovered a new product: pre-cut and pre-packaged trim strips, already mitered and cut to fit various size doors.  For approximately the same price, kits were purchased.  We took the two kits home, cut them to fit each door, and installed them.  It was a much easier process than cutting the miters to fit.  Truly a cool, useful concept!  

Painting of the doors completed the project.  The outside trim strip we painted a dark gray; the doors and trim strips we painted white.  With the arts-and-crafts style windows, the new doors give a whole new look to the house. The facets of the windows gleam, bringing light and rainbows into the house.  

Since then, we have painted the outside of the shutters the same gray bringing new life to them, too.  They, the windows, and the siding are next on the agenda for updating and replacement, but for now, our new (old) house has had a bit of a facelift.

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Nancy, It's always nice to


It's always nice to tackle a project, and be pleased with the results.

Your art deco looks sounds beautiful.


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Thanks Annette for your kind

Thanks Annette for your kind words.  This house is truly a work-in-progress, but all the huge work took place two years ago when we moved rooms, cut doorways through walls, and so much more.  Relatively speaking, this was easy except for dropping the door on my husband. Alas...nan