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The project..the yard is ready for winter

This year's "project" was the yard; last year we focused on the inside of the new (old) house.  Just like last year, November has had nice weather so that we could continue working on it. 

Today, Rob mowed the yard for what we hope is the last time while I raked, once again, the leaves that accumulated around the flower beds, the bushes, and the water feature. He also trimmed back the last of the wildflowers, hoping that they've all gone to seed. With the cutting back of the wildflowers, once again the Colorado spruce can be seen and will provide shelter for the birds. 

On the birch tree, there is a single leaf fluttering in the breeze.  It seems determined to hang on while the pansies still continue to bloom as do the "pinks". We've had a second blooming of the irises, too. 

The bird feeder regularly attracts sparrows and juncos, and even the suet is being picked at.  The squirrels are beating the jays out of the peanuts.  In fact, one has become so fearless as to have taken several peanuts out of Rob's hand.  He is a rather tiny one so probably hasn't built up the healthy fear he should have for humans.  He won't be harmed here, though, as autumn gives way to colder temperatures and snow.