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The project..an experiment or two, Part 3

A quick update on the "project" regarding the experiment of the crocuses in the front yard of our house.  The weather we are experiencing in the northern part of Ohio is almost summer-like (the seven-day projected weather forecast is for the mid-seventies to low eighties), and as a result, Rob and I can finally see the results of our experiment of our randomly planted crocuses.

The other day I reported that fewer than ten plants had poked their heads out of the ground, and even fewer than that had buds and blossoms on them.  Today, nearly two-thirds of them have come up, and most have blooms.  The yard is covered with crocuses in various varieties of violet and white. 

The experiment, to my way of thinking, is a resounding success!  The squirrels must have been paid off with the peanuts we provided last fall.  In fact, as of the other day, we now have a squirrel who "knocked" at our back door, asking for peanuts.  This squirrel, whom we affectionately call Ralph or alternately, Scarface, has obviously decided we are to be trusted despite the horrible scarring and scraped patches along his back where fur used to be.  Not only did he "knock" and take the peanut from Rob's finger, but later he jumped up and sat on the box that sits on our deck.  Oh, and, did I mention that Rob was sitting on it at the time.