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The "project" continues...outside now, and anniversaries

As the week ends, my husband and I have been, once again, working on our "project", the landscaping of our new (old) house.  We have passed our first anniversary of owning it on May 6th.  This week we planted hostas on the other side of the garage, opposite the end with the muhgo pines.  They have the name Patriot (according to the tag), but don't look all that much different from what I have known as the variegated hosta.  They have light green leaves tipped by pale yellow, almost white edges.  As the leaf unfurls, it starts out a slightly darker yellow, but lightens as it continues to open until each leaf's tip is nearly white.  

We also planted some white impatiens (Vinca) alternating with a deep burgandy star-shaped flower called a Nicotiana. We planted them all around the open spaces of flower beds. Some of them we planted in the area near the side porch that will, hopefully, be covered in ferns in the future.  Right now, the ferns cover only a small portion of the area, but last year when we transplanted them from our condo, they seemed as if they died out so we were pleasantly surprised to see them re-emerge this year.  Not only did they grow, they have spread as ferns are wont to do; however, they still have a way to go before the area will be awash in ferns and some other not-yet-determined ground cover that occupies part of that space.

We also planted the impatiens and nicotiana in the backyard alongside the white heart-shaped picket fence, which needs updating, too.  Ah, another future project!  We planted some under the crab-apple tree alongside the pansies we planted earlier in the season.  We also planted a few scarlet petunias and some scarlet and white-tipped petunias in the bed nearby.

It was not our intention to plant so many impatiens, nicotianas, and petunias in our flower beds.  These flowers were left over from the flowers selected to decorate the graves of my grandparents,  my parents, and some other relatives.  Apparently, my sisters and I over estimated what we needed to decorate all the graves, and by default, I got those that remained.  

On an unrelated note, today is the anniversary of my Dad's death.  Dad, you and Mom are greatly missed and not forgotten.  Just thought I'd let you know that...and the fact that your girls did take care of the graves.