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The project continues...a new door

One of the last areas of the house  (aka the "project") to be worked on was to be the back porch.  Or at least we figured it to be one of the last sections to be done.  Frankly, the porch was the least of our concerns.  Yes, it was rather dilapidated and rough, but it also wasn't part of the house necessary for day-to-day living (like a kitchen or bathroom).  In fact, we had very few plans for dealing with it prior to moving into the house. 

However, that has all changed.  We still have more important rooms to finish like the bathroom, but we are waiting on the delivery of bathroom fixtures (like the shower, the vanity, and more) before that can be tackled. Therefore, we started working on the master bedroom.  In so doing, we decided to replace a window in what was formerly the kitchen with a door in what will be the bedroom.  This door will lead out to the screened-in porch.

Sounds easy enough, but to put in a door requires a measured rough cut of the door, an installer's verification of the same, and then the order for the door (since we wanted a particular door which was special order only).  All told, it takes about two weeks after the installer's okay of the measured opening to get the door, and then arranging for the installation. (There are some things Rob won't or prefers not to do and this was one of those instances.) We did convince the merchant to allow the order prior to the rough cut, but normally this company waits until the contractor has signed off on it.  Knowing that all during this time frame, our house was basically going to be open, we wanted to shorten the interval as much as possible.  

Thus, we ordered the door, and then the contractor/installer called to arrange a time to check the opening.  In the meantime, Rob was working feverishly to remove the window, add a header and studs, cut a hole in the outside wall to accommodate the door, and then remove the siding on the porch.  The installer came and approved the rough opening, and with that, Rob proceeded to fix the siding.

Actually, we bought a different siding...rough cut wood siding (as opposed to the vinyl siding of the house).  This siding is being used throughout the porch.  We removed the lattice that made up the other three walls of the porch. It was replaced with panelled siding. The ripped and torn screens still need to be replaced; the panelling still needs to be painted with stain, and the roof of the porch has to be fixed. We have a few more days of work left to finish off the porch, but the good news is that the door has arrived; we just have to have the installer return and finish.

Once we finish off what we have to do there, it is back to working on the inside.