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The Olympics and Title IX, pulling aside the curtain

Like many others, I have been enamored with viewing the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.  For the past couple weeks our television has been almost exclusively tuned to NBC, rather than to PBS. During one segment, one of the announcers made mention of the fact that there were so many more events and medals being given to women.  He went on further to say that he felt that the proliferation of this was probably due to the effectiveness of Title IX on women's sports. 

Behind the Curtain: A Career in EEO  by Charles E. Duffy discusses Title IX and so much more. Charles E. Duffy, Chuck to his friends and colleagues, recently wrote a book about his work experiences.  Spending his career in the government, he was one of the first people to investigate and oversee inadequacies in equal employment and education opportunities including Title IX, which is often thought of only within the context of women's sports. Having read his book, the idea that Title IX and the growth of women's sports and medals (and its greater implications) makes it a must read for all.  Mr. Duffy was in the forefront of the equal opportunity movement from the late sixties on.  Like the Wizard of Oz, Charles Duffy pulls aside the curtain on some of the things he saw happen during these turbulent times including Title IX.

Here is a review that I recently posted on Amazon.com:

Behind the Curtain: A Career in EEO

Charles E. Duffy

published by Drinian Press

ISBN# 978-0-9833069-2-4

List price: $ 12.95

Navigating through numerous government departments, Charles (Chuck) Duffy lays out some stories of his career in equal employment and education. Told in a non-literary style, this book is like hearing stories told in a bar--some are quirky, some outrageous, but all show how far equal employment/education has come. It is also a history of the effort of years of case after case of bringing equality to the workplace. 


This book can be purchased through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers.