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The Nutcracker

My granddaughter danced in the ballet, The Nutcracker, for the first time at the Indianapolis School of Ballet.  She was an angel.  According to my husband, she was as enamored with watching the others as she was in performing.  He further said the whole performance was delightful and well done. I have to admit I didn't see her perform as I got hit with a nasty viral infection (still dealing with it, but I digress). I wasn't about to ruin everyone's holidays with spreading the "gift" of germs.

Hopefully, the next time she is on stage, I'll be able to share in the excitement, but she was surrounded by family and friends and so busy with all the performances that she didn't get to spend time or visit with anyone.  Fortunately, she, her brother, and her parents will be spending New Year's Eve (Hogmanay for those with Celtic roots) with us.  That will be grand, and by then, I shouldn't be contagious, and we will all have a grand time.

Happy Holidays to all...may the peace of the season linger long after the lights and tinsel are put away.