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Summer book read at the library...2

I rather messed up the last blog.  I cut and pasted a poem, but all I ended up with was the mess, not the poem.  The poem itself is really rather silly and was done in the spirit of the Express Yourself theme of the summer book read at the Huron Library in conjunction with the talent show idea.  Despite that silliness, or perhaps because of it, I share it here.


            I don't play an instrument,

               nor do I sing

            I can't do magic

               or juggle a thing.


            But summer book read

                is right up my line

            Getting lost in a novel

                is really sublime.


            Just give me Baldacci,

               Sue Grafton or Shreve,

           Even Les Roberts or

               Rowling will please.


           Ayn Rand's my favorite

              Of this, there's no doubt

           So that's my real talent

              What I'm all about.


           So, excuse me if this

              poem doesn't amuse,

          I'm headed upstairs

              where there are stories to choose.