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Summer book read at the library...

Well, the Summer book read officially ended today with the "Express Yourself "(the theme for the summer book read for both kids through adults) Talent Show and Pizza Party.  Several very talented kids showed off talents of varying degrees.  We had singers, those who played musical instruments, and even one that combined all of that...she (and her sister) had composed a song which she sang while playing her guitar.  Very impressive!  Throughout the summer read, the Huron Library, located in the city of Huron, Ohio, had various activities going on for both children, tweens, teens, and adults.  One of the more interesting, in my opinion, was the short story writing content for high school-aged kids.  They had four entrants; I rather wish there had been more, but there are at least four new writers out there.  Perhaps one day we'll be reading one of their debut novels.


I have finished both Les Roberts' first novel, An Infinite Number of Monkeys, and his most recent mystery, King of the Holly Hop.  I found it to be very interesting reading since I could really see the obvious progression of writing skill from his first to his last.  My opinion here, but I felt like the Saxon mystery (An Infinite...) was showing off Roberts' use of his extensive vocabulary more than the quality of the story itself (although the story was compelling enough) whereas his most recent Milan Jacovich mystery (King of...) was a much better story and less of a platform for his vocabulary.  In fact, the latter was the best Milan J. so far and very moving at times.  Okay, I admit it...the relationship of Milan  and Don Gianni (and his death) made me cry.  Their relationship has alway been an important background part of most of these novels, but this was the most intense emotional sequence to date (and as said earlier, extremely moving).  Suffice it to say, I really loved this one.  

Now, back to more books...there's still some summer left!