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Spring is...

Ohio is a bellwether state for politics, or as they always say, "as Ohio goes, so goes the nation", but we are also a bellweather state, or as I have heard it said (and repeated it), "Ohio has four seasons and sometimes all in one day" and that can occur.  There have been times when it was cold and snowy in the morning, warming up until it was, first, springlike, then warming farther until it became like summer, and then reverted to rain and fog like fall.

But yesterday, it was definitely a day of spring. My husband and I went for a walk, and the evidence for spring was everywhere.  To me, seeing the first crocus bloom tells me that winter is nearly over and that spring is on its way.  Crocus blooms were everywhere. Bunches and bunches of crocuses that were open fully. There were white ones, and yellow ones, and purple ones, both light and dark shades of purple.  If crocuses are blooming, then next there will be hyacinths in various shades, as well as the bright yellows of daffodils.  The green sprouts of new leaves and buds of these flowers were also seen as we strolled down the sidewalk throughout the city.  Those we encountered were wearing lighter coats and sweaters, digging in the dirt,  and clearing away dead leaves and foliage.  We enjoyed the azure blue sky, the golden sun on our skin, and the sound of the birds in the trees. 

                                                                       open crocus blooms

                                                             in yellow, white, and purple

                                                                      singing, "it's spring!"


Of course, tomorrow we could get snow again, but yesterday, (as well as today) it was spring.




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Spring Colors

I felt like I was walking with you! Thank you for a lovely post.

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Sharon, Thanks...what a

Thanks...what a lovely comment! Ignoring the first paragraph, it was one of my first attempts at writing a haibun. Thanks again!

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Nancy, I didn't realize that

Nancy, I didn't realize that Ohio had such fluctuating weather in a whole day. I enjoyed your walk. I felt like a basket being carried with the colors, swaying with the bounce in your step.

I like your happy Haiku!

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Rebbecca, Ohio's weather

Ohio's weather can certainly fluctuate and I have seen it change that rapidly, especially up by Lake Erie. It was a glorious day, but then anytime I see crocuses, I feel happy!

Your remarks about spring were so right on...I could see and smell spring in the air.