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SIY...no small stones

As July moves into its conclusion (okay, it's kinda midway but so many things are going on right now at the month's end that it seems like it is) I have not written my small stones as I had planned (that is, posting them daily).  I will post them in total when finished. 

However, in my newest SIY (set-it-yourself) reading challenge at www.bookcrossing.com I have challenged myself to read the following  books or groups of books (from July through September):

    4 novels by Susan Wiggs (borrowed)

    6 books or book ring books from other bookcrossers

    6 books from the Huron Public Library

Three of the books from the library are my book group books.  The first one, Don't Blink, James Patterson/Howard Roughan is finished.  It was a quick read about a journalist, Nick Daniels, who gets the story of a lifetime if he survives it.  Between a mob hit and those who want him silenced, this novel has twists and turns that don't end until the last page. 

I have also finished a bookcrossing.com book ring book by Xiaolu Guo, The Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers. It is the novel of a young Chinese woman who comes to study English in London and finds that the English language with all its pitfalls is nothing compared to the pitfalls of loving an older English man whom she meets during her year of study.  Written in broken English by Zhuong (Z to her tongue-tied friends) it is a fascinating first-person account of the nuances of language, meaning, tense, and culture.

As I write this, I have three other novels that I am reading.  One, The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble, is a leftover from last quarter's SIY.  It is the story of a fictional book group of diverse women.  As they read a year's worth of novels, the reader comes to know their families and the lives they lead.  The diverse novels the group reads are also worthy of being read, and I will probably keep note of them and add those titles to my list of books to be read (TBR).

The second novel is John Connolly's The Book of Lost Things.  It is a book ring book and it is a fanciful tale about tales.  David and his mother share stories (and the love of them), but after she dies, he is at a loss, particularly when his father marries another woman and has another child. David's love of stories (and her) leads him into a world of fairy tales and more.

The third book is Shadow of the Hegemon by Orson Scott Card.  It is a sequel to Ender's Shadow and follows the post-Formic War adventures of Bean, one of Ender Wiggins' brightest team members.  Returned from the Formic Wars as heroes, all of Ender's team have been kidnapped for political power games on earth.  Only Bean escapes capture and must protect himself, keeping himself safe (and hidden) while figuring out who to trust on earth as the countries of the world threaten its peace with new hostilities.