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Resolutions,continued...already planning for next year--part two

Having blogged this whole year about my New Year's Resolution to read more books, I am going to start with my accomplishments.  First, I succeeded at reading more books; as of today, I have read/completed sixty-six books (not counting the four Fancy Nancy from the I Can Read series that my older sister gave me as  a present to share with my grand-daughter), which is three more books than last year. Thus, I can say that I actually finished the year with my resolution still on-going, not set aside as most are.

Not only that, but I have read more non-fiction books than I did the previous year.  In fact, it was almost twice as many non-fiction books as I read in 2009 although, generally, it isn't my favorite reading material (I prefer to escape when I read for pleasure).  Of the books I've read, nearly two-thirds of them were written by authors that I have never read before.  I also read three classics: Catcher in the Rye, Around the World in 80 Days, and Phantom of the Opera, so I have mixed both older novels with more recent releases.  

Many of the books were given or sent to me from bookcrossers.com members from around the world.  Some of them were book ring books, that is, they were sent to me and then when I finished with them, I sent them off to the next member on the list.  There were at least ten books that fit into this category, but there were a number of books that were just sent to me to read, and then pass on to other readers.  I also participated in some bookcrossing.com challenges called SIY (Set-it-yourself) challenges in which I stated publicly on forums which books I intended to read throughout the quarter.  I started with the April-June quarter and was successful, but was less successful with the following quarter when I increased my intention to read three extra books and fell short of my goal.  This quarter will end without success, too, as I try to finish up my last book, Etidorpha by John Uri Lloyd.  I don't think I  will manage to read the last 200+ pages in the next two days.  Regardless, as the year ends, I will continue to read the novel, and it will probably be the first book on my list for 2011.  After having had the book for nearly forty years, I think it is about time that I finish it! Finally!

As for my resolutions for 2011, I am going to resolve to read even more books than this year.  To add to this, I have already set myself two challenges at bookcrossing.com.  One is the first quarter SIY in which I have chosen thirteen books on my Mount TBR (to-be-read) and the other is to read at least 20,000 pages next year.  

As for the typical New Year's Resolutions, I am going to exercise more and in this regard, my husband and I have started working out with Wii Fit.  As I have mentioned numerous times, I am a pedometer geek, and I regularly wear and record my steps each day.  Except recently, my pedometer has been working erratically; therefore, I have a new pedometer on order, which will hopefully arrive before the first. I am going to work on at achieving the 10,000 steps regularly.  Whether this pedometer geek manages this, keep tuned.


As for everyone else's resolutions, I wish you and yours success in 2011!