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It's another readathon at bookcrossing.com.  A readathon there is an attempt to read twenty-four hours over the course of a week.  Each readathon member reports in every so often with the amount of reading he/she has done.  It can either be reported by time or pages read.

Last month I came up short by about three hours; I hope to do better this time and get the full twenty-four hours in. I have about four hours in already, possibly more, by reading the end of Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in the Rain.  It was a decent read about the life of racecar driver, Dennis and his dog Enzo (from the point of view of Enzo who is part philosopher), but a bit of a tearjerker at the end; however, I did enjoy it and certainly appreciated the book (it was a birthday gift from my trendsetter friend, Christy...see my previous blog about trendsetters).  

I then started Mark Winegardner's The Godfather Returns, which takes up the story of the Corleone family.  Using Puzo's characters and creating a few new ones of his own, Winegardner writes about the time frame of the family not covered by Puzo's previous books or films.  He doesn't quite have Puzo's writing style, but so far the writing is still decent and the story is intriguing.  Speaking of which, I have another twenty hours to read, so enough about this.