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One down...nine to go, err, ten to go

The books on my stack to read has decreased by one.  And also increased by one, too.  I received my new book, Blue Latitudes by Tony Horwitz for the Book Exchange book group yesterday. 

I also finished Andrew Greeley's The Bishop at the Lake last night.  Another decent read from Greeley...it's one more Blackie Ryan novel (Blackie Ryan, for those who have never read Andrew Greeley, is a continuing character (he's an unassuming, nearly invisible, yet brilliant priest) that plays into almost all of his novels).  Blackie Ryan, now a Bishop, solves locked room mysteries, and this one is no exception.  This is the sixth novel in this series (somehow I missed the fifth, Priestly Sins), but as always, a crime has occurred (in this case the attempted murder of another Bishop in a family that is somewhat dysfunctional) and Bishop Blackie, sent by his Cardinal Sean Cronin, must "See to it, Blackwood!"  and sort it all out via a  summer vacation at the lake.

Just like Blackie, I must " see to it" and go back to my stack of summer vacation reads.  I'm starting Jane Heller's Princess Charming with plans to alternate it with Fiona Robyn's new novel, The Blue Handbag. Both of these authors are new to me so am looking forward to both.