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Every so often I feel like I have nothing to blog about.  This is one of those times.  Some of it has to do with the fact that I have been involved in planning a party (a reception, actually) for the new director of the Huron Library and that event will be taking place tomorrow.  I keep going over and over the details to make sure that we have not forgotten anything. Moreover, that I, personally, have not forgotten something crucial for this event.  

So, in place of my own blog, I give you a paper my son Mark wrote in the sixth grade for an assignment.  It was on the subject of nothing since that was the kids' response to the teacher's question about homework ("they would rather do nothing"). At which point, he told them to write a two hundred word essay on Nothing.

                                                                                             What is Nothing?

    What is nothing?  Nothing is no thing.  Nothing times nothing is nothing.  In the absence of nothing, you would have something.  Some things can be different, but nothing is always the same.  Nobody can really do nothing. (Even though kids say so when their parents ask.) But when you are doing nothing, you are still doing something.  Even if it's only vegging.  Even if you were dead, you would be doing something.  For instance, now I am composing.  If I were dead, I would be decomposing.

   If I ate all my Campbell's soup, I could say that I had nothing left.  Would I really have nothing?  I mean, besides the labels.  Actually I would have just changed matter into chemical energy.  I could use that energy to ride my bike, run, walk, or just do nothing.  If I lined up a lot of nothings, and just put one thing in front of them, I could buy a lot of soup.  With six nothings and a measly one, I could be up to one million.  I'm sure there are people who could say a lot about nothing, but since I an near 200 words, I've nothing more to say about it.


(Count them!)


Perhaps, I'll have something to blog about tomorrow, but I think my son said a lot about nothing, and said it well!  Thanks Mark for sharing your thoughts on nothing.  


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Reading this is making me

Reading this is making me think now.... what is the lesser of the two "evils"? Nothing to blog about or Nothing to talk about? When I have nothing to blog about, I can find something else to do but when I have nothing to talk about and stuck at a table where everyone seems to have something to talk about but me... Hmmm, ... It may seem I have nothing to talk about because everyone else is talking but inside me a lot of my thoughts are actually whirling as I sit trying to cope with everyone talking and having something to say. So it's not that I have nothing to talk about it's all just stuck inside of me. I don't think I am making any sense here, but I did enjoy your son's essay on nothing! :-)

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I know exactly what you are talking about (about not having anything to say when everyone else seems to be talking non-stop). I often am in that same situation. My thoughts are running around my head, and yet by the time I can express them the subject has changed once again, and then feel I can't bring the old subject back up.

I usually have plenty to do, and less to blog about, but I do try to post every couple of days. However, every so often, nothing appeals to me to write about...which always reminds me of Mark's essay on nothing. Thanks for noting his work; I'm glad you enjoyed it. For what it is worth...the references to Campbell's soup and the labels have to do with the fact that his teacher really stressed the money generated from collecting the labels so he wanted to refer to that in his essay.

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Nancy, I’m so glad you

Nancy, I’m so glad you mentioned your son’s essay on nothing and how it was serendipitous with my ‘nothing…’ blog. It’s been on my mind and I made a mental note to read it. This is great! He did a fantastic job, which ended up a big something!