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Natal day greetings....deux

My mother's only sister, my Aunt Connie, will celebrate her birthday tomorrow.  It has always been easy to remember her birthday because it follows mine by a few days.  Our cards often cross in the mail.  I suspect she remembers mine for the same reason I remember hers--the proximity of the two dates.  No matter the reason, have a wonderful birthday, Aunt Connie! I love you!

Other birthdays abound in October in our family.  My husband Rob, my niece Michelle, and my brother-in-law Kevin all share the same day, if not the same year.  Of course, Michelle claims she had it first despite the fact that she's younger than either Rob or Kevin.  She was born before either Rob or Kevin joined our family.  On the flip side, Rob's Dad and his brother also have birthdays this month.  In fact, he will be celebrating his 90th birthday in a few days. His brother also will be celebrating his natal day, too. Enjoy your day!

All in all, October is a festive month as evidenced by the colorful crimsons, scarlets, and golds of the trees!



                                                                                                 pumpkin pie

                                                                                             still my favorite

                                                                                               birthday cake