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NaSmaStMo for January 4...

a small stone for January 4th for the NaSmaStMo....

   subject to revision, that is polishing and shaping

        the melodious sounds of competing wind chimes in the gentle breeze


from my email box:

Dear haiku friends, it's my Calico Cat meowing again! :) XII International bilingual haiku contest has started -- read the rules, see the Prize painting, submit your haiku here:http://origa.livejournal.com/178912.html 

The contest is unique and a lot of fun, is FREE, and a blitz: only 2 days to submit haiku and win my original sumi-e as a prize :) Ask any questions in the contest page where all the haiku should be submitted. Good luck!  




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REad and did...

Read this the other day, Nan, and went to the site and wrote a haiku. Thanks for sharing this.

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Saw where you did...

Sue...the Haiku Foundation is having a free haiku contest you may be interested in. Google either HaikuNow! or the Haiku Foundation for all the information on it. Three categories so up to three haiku...traditional, contemporary, and innovative. Just a thought.