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NaSmaStMo for January 26

Although my small stone for my entry of a river of stones is for yesterday, today is my older sister's birthday.  Her birthday is one of those that has a zero in it so I guess that makes her birthday one of those that most consider to be a milestone.  Regardless, I hope she has a happy day spending time with loved ones.

As for my small stone for January 26th, it is as follows:

  a flock of robins, returning too early, picking off the last of the berries from the tree.

This is the second time in the last couple years that robins have returned early; I remember one robin who sat huddled on our doorstep, trying to stay out of the cold and snow.  Hardly harbingers of spring are these robins who have made their way back to northern Ohio...I think we have another couple of months of winter yet as the snow is falling fast and furious as I write this.