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kids growing up...or honeymoon and promotion

My kids are growing up.  Okay, I'll be more honest.  My sons are grown.  They are both over twenty-one, and act like grown-ups, too.  In other words, they are now doing the things that grown-ups do.

My younger son is on his honeymoon (I know that because he and his new wife stopped by to see me on their way there).  My other son, the older of the two, just emailed me with news that he is to be promoted in rank.  It makes me proud to see the choices they are making.  My role, as parent as I saw it, has always been to help them grow to become happy, healthy, and productive adults.  In other words, hopefully, I could give them the tools and support and love necessary to allow them to do what they wanted in their lives, to achieve their dreams. 

Along the way, I realized that I could not, necessarily, make them happy in their lives.  They had to do that for themselves, just as I have to find my own happiness (whatever that is).  I could, however, do my utmost to see that they were healthy.  That is, take them to scheduled appointments with doctors, dentists, and other healthcare personnel. Again, I couldn't do everything to make sure they're healthy, especially now that they are grown, but I did what I could.  The same is true for the productive part.  I did what I could to provide them with an environment that promoted learning and a desire to succeed in whatever field they ultimately chose.  

I guess the rest is up to them, and for now, they seem to be doing okay.  Which, in the end, is all that I can ever ask of myself and my kids.  I think that's all that anyone can ever hope for...I know that is what my parents wanted for my sisters and me.  I just hope I did as good as job as I feel my parents did.