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International Yarnbombing Day, June 8

Once again, I am going to participate in International Yarnbombing Day, which is tomorrow (June 8th).  Yarnbombing, by the way, is decorating an item (tree, lampposts, etc.) with crocheted or knitted items. Yarnbombing can be as extensive as covering the whole item or as little as adding a small flourish of knitted pieces.

A bookcrossing friend of mine crochets flowers and has been kind enough to send me several of them for the third year since she introduced the concept.  (Thanks Bascula!) I have to admit that I neither knit nor crochet so it will be these flowers that I use to decorate my neighborhood.

Last year some of my neighbors caught me hanging up a flower on the nearby Stop sign, and after a quick explanation of the concept of yarnbombing, they joined in the fun with some scarves and  other knitted items.  Kathleen decorated the trunk of the tree in front of her house while Sue strung a scarf between the branches of a dwarf cherry tree.  To this day, the flower that I attached to her lawn sculpture is still there.  A few others from last year can be seen if one knows where to look, too.

Since I also bookcross (leave registered books scattered throughout the city for others to find, take, and read or give away further), I have made a bookcrossing label that includes a picture of my favorite yarnbombing photo.  Not only do I free books, I also yarnbomb. Join me and thousands of others who will be doing the same.