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I'm so excited...countdown to The Pointer Sisters, part 2

Last night, The Pointer Sisters concert was just phenomenal!  Lots of energy to go with the songs.  From a medley of "Yes You Can Can" and "Betcha Got a Chick on the Side" from their early days to more recent songs like "Fire", "Neutron Dance" and "Totally Automatic"(to name but a few), the ladies belted out hit after hit to benefit the Firelands Foundation Cancer Fund (Firelands Hospital in Sandusky), a fund to help those with cancer. 

After reading their bio in the program, I now understand why they sang for this charity.  One of the original Pointer Sisters, as well as one daughter of the group, died of cancer, and they want to make a difference for others with cancer.

All in all, we had a great time and the ladies sounded just great! (Even if they didn't sing the Duke Ellington medley or "Save the Bones for Henry Jones").


What's your favorite Pointer Sisters song?