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Huron Playhouse, 62 years and...

Tonight is opening night for Ohio's oldest continuing summer theatre, the Huron Playhouse.  This is the Playhouse's 62nd season!   Starting tonight and going through Saturday July 3rd is The Melody Lingers On: The Songs of Irving Berlin. However, this is just the beginning of five weeks of plays.  The Playhouse will continue its line up with the following plays and musicals:

 The Importance of Being Earnest

 Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?

 The Curious Savage

 State Fair (Rodgers and Hammerstein's)

The Huron Playhouse is first and foremost an educational theatre program; it is connected with Bowling Green State University. This program garners talent from colleges and universities across the United States.  They attract theatre majors, music majors, and more. For each play, the sets and costumes are made by these talented individuals.  From sun up to sundown, the ensemble, made up of students and faculty, lives and works together tirelessly to put together the plays presented by the Playhouse.  Yet, it is also a community theatre of sorts since some of the plays include local talent drawn from the cities of Huron and Sandusky.

At any one time, three plays are being prepared; each of which runs for five days (Tuesday through Saturday).  Immediately after the last performance Saturday night, the set is struck in preparation for the next play. Often, a student will be working on three plays as a cast member in one or all three plays, building sets, designing and making costumes, or acting as an assistant director. 

All of this activitiy takes place withIn the timeframe of eight weeks (the schedule starts approximately three weeks prior to the first play).  Many of these actors and musicians go on to fame elsewhere, yet few forget their tenure at the Huron Playhouse.  

Throughout the years, the Huron Playhouse has put on many memorable plays.  Some of them include Brigadoon, 1776, Our Town, Kiss Me Kate, The Mousetrap, and South Pacific, just to name a few. 

The Huron Playhouse is both a local treasure (located on the shores of Lake Erie in Huron, Ohio), but it is also a springboard for many wannabe actors and opera stars. However, this may be its last year.  The Playhouse needs money (in the form of ticket sales and donations) to continue into its 63rd year as Ohio's oldest continuing summer theatre. For those interested in attending any of the upcoming plays, call (419) 433-4744 for ticket availability and for those interested in donating to the Playhouse, make checks payable to The Huron Playhouse/BGSU, P.O. Box 487, Huron, Ohio 44839.

Disclaimer: I am not a member of the cast or crew; I am just a member of the community who happens to think that this treasure should not be lost because of the lack of $ 200,000 (and yes, my husband and I did donate to it!).