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I work for Drinian Press. Basically, my position there is that of a proofreader and publicist for the press.  As an independent press, it is difficult to get the word out on the books and authors we represent so I am always trying different methods to draw attention to the books of Drinian Press.

So far, in my role as a publicist, I have noticed that advertisements don't work; they are way too expensive for the amount of sales that are generated (not enough bang for the buck).  Reviews, while nice, don't generate too many sales, either.  They are more cost effective than print ads though.  I obviously blog about the books, and Drinian Press is on facebook's social media site, but again, I haven't determined just how effective those efforts are.

This brings me to my latest endeavor.  With the author's permission, I am trying a few Goodreads.com giveaways on two of our most recent titles. The first is Rob Smith's Shrader Marks: Keelhouse, a novel that contains both an updated Night Voices and its sequel, Keelhouse.   The author decided to combine the two novels into one volume since he felt that if a person picked up the sequel without having read the first, he might have difficulty understanding the history of the characters, the nuances without a great deal of repeating all the details from the first book. Further, he didn't want readers to quit reading out of frustration, nor did he want them to feel they had to buy the first book to understand the second book. (I know I have started reading a sequel without realizing that it was a second or third book in a series and I have become so lost that I gave up reading the book entirely so I understand his concern, but I digress.) 

The second is Rob Smith's The Immigrant's House, his latest anthology of poetry.  This poetry book includes his most recent poems of his time in Kenya* as well as many other new poems and some of his older poems from 256 Zones of Gray, his previous poetry book.  A special section of this poetry anthology includes a 5-poem song cycle called "Love's Shades of Gray" which was composed by Michael Daugherty.  To hear one of the compositions ("Town Gossip") from this song cycle, go to Michael Daugherty's website and click on the audio link.

The giveaways will expire on October 4, 2012, and it should be interesting to see what kind of response the giveaways generate.  Hopefully, giving away a few books now may generate interest in an author who would go unnoticed otherwise.  From that, maybe his other novels will be looked at as well.  I shall see.  All I know is that it certainly can't be as expensive as a print advertisement that generated few, if any, sales. 

In the meantime, I'll be back at work proofreading another book, working at writing one of my own, and working on the levy campaign for our local library (but that's a whole other subject for another time).


* His Kenyan (African) poems can be found in his chapbook called Mzungu, Hello.

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Nancy, I have a "bookclub"


I have a "bookclub" page on Facebook. I share reviews, upcoming releases, and giveaways with my fans.

If you are a Facebook person, If you would like to join my page (quite a few of my fans belong to Goodreads as well), I would be glad to share the information about the giveaway.


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Annette,    Would love to


   Would love to join your page over at facebook.  I tried to find you, but unsure of how it is listed.  ~nan

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I have a pretty tight privacy

I have a pretty tight privacy setting on to protect myself from the work trolls.

I will open up the settings so we can find one another. My page is public however, it's called the Blue Stocking Book Club.


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Blue Stocking it is...I'll

Blue Stocking it is...I'll find you! ~nan