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Going over to the "Dark Side", or am I?

Although my son has a Kindle (and loves it) and I have friends have Kindles or Nooks (who also love using them), I have always been reluctant to embrace the idea of an e-Reader of any sort. Frankly, I couldn't imagine a real good reason to change.  I like the heft of a book.  I like the feel of paper, whether rough or smooth, slick or textured, under my fingers as I move rapidly from page to page towards the end of engrossing story.  

As long as there were books to hold, books to borrow from the library, books from friends and family, in other words, books to read, I really saw no real advantage to change to another form of technology, or even add to the growing use of technology that seems to track us everywhere, but I digress.  To go over to the "Dark Side, as it were.  Until now...

I have finally found a reason to own an e-Reader, and now, thanks to an early Christmas present from my husband, Rob, I have a Nook Simple Touch.  Since he gave it to me, I have been playing with it, trying to figure out all the ins and outs, the bells and whistles, and all the ways to get books on my Nook.  It has taken some time to figure out how to download books from the local library.  I am still learning how to get e-books from sites that have novels in the public domain.  I continue to tweak the little things of moving from one book to another, commenting on the books, marking passages, and so on.  I am sure that it will take me some time to figure it all out.  Which is the main reason Rob gave it to me now, as opposed to Christmas Day.  He gave it to me knowing that I would probably need some time to get used to how it worked and build up a library within its lightweight, palm-sized walls. 

I have learned, and as a result, I have begun to build up a library that I can utilize as I desire.  So far, I have about ten books on the Nook.  Some are permanent because I bought them outright from the Barnes and Noble website, the first being, a copy of my favorite novel, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.  Some have been borrowed from the library and will have to be returned before I really need them, but they are part of the learning curve, and if I get them read, so much the better.  I have also put books on the waiting list so I will get them as they become available, hopefully, when I do have the time and energy to read them.

I'm not still convinced that my Nook will supplant my enjoyment of "real" books, but in the meantime, it will give me an advantage I didn't have earlier.  And that brings me to the reason I have turned to the "Dark Side"...we willl be traveling to Kenya to visit our family--our grandchildren and our daughter--and it is a long, long plane ride.  I can't carry enough books in my luggage to keep me occupied for the time we will be flying both over and then back home (not to mention the few hours I may get to read while there).  To me, that is the ultimate reason for an e-Reader...the ability to have many books at one's disposal. 

So, have I actually gone to the "Dark Side", or am I just being savvy?  Time will tell.

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I'm a hold out

Until now...I recently experienced a Kindle - although I'm thinking the Nook may be my choice.

The greatest advantage to me is - traveling. If there's one thing I miss that is still in Africa it's my books.  Apparently you can also download periodicals, and now they are even in color.

I think I still prefer to hold a book, mark in it, touch the pages, smell the printers ink, etc.  But I must admit...I'm planning on purchasing the Nook.

Thanks for sharing,


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Sharon,     It was the


    It was the traveling aspect that sold me.  I prefer books and am surrounded by them, but there was no way to take enough books to read while in Kenya (especially the two eight-hour flights both away and back) and still have room for clothing.  I haven't really started reading any of the books I've downloaded (a few pages here and there of each one to make sure it is all there), but otherwise, I will probably really start when I am on the plane.  With some of them magazines are no problem; perhaps with this one, but I am not much of a magazine reader.  Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have, so far.