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Going green...

I'm all for going green.  I want to do my part to reduce my carbon footprint.  I recycle--plastic, glass, cardboard.  I carry reusable bags to the grocery and back.  I even drive a hybrid vehicle, a Prius.  Recently, my financial accounts, as well as the company for whom I work, have made it so that I can reduce paper (and thus potentially save some trees, etc).  In other words, they are also going green!

Sounds great, doesn't it? How can I argue with that?  Except that it only reduces their paper use.  Mine has now gone up if I wish to have copies of my paycheck stub (I already have direct deposit) or my financial records for the month.  Yes, I can view them online, but if I want documentation (especially for tax purposes), then I have to print out all the paperwork for myself.  I'm hardly going green in this case.  C'est la vie!

 I will, of course, continue to do the little things mentioned above, but...

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little by little

I am not a tree hugger by any stretch of the imagination but there are little common sense things I like to do. I reuse water bottles a couple of times. I also have a bag I use when I am going shopping so it is that many fewer bags being produced (or, at least making it into the garbage-system) and I have found not only does it help the environment (I am not a big fan of the environment so it is hardly a motivation) but also getting less seems to generate less trash for the various people in my life to complain about me having to throw away.
I liked you blog for those very reasons. Becuase it is nice simple stuff we can do.

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little by little by little

I obviously feel the same way...that I can't do much, but I can do a few little things around the edges, just like you. Thanks for your kind comments and your small kindnesses to those others (garbage collectors, etc).

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Paper Use

I often need to print out emails--or at least I feel I do. Then invariably what ought to be one page turns into three when printed out because of all the junk. I do try to use the back of discarded printed-on paper--at least when I can. I reuse gift wrapping; and like most people, recycle neat looking gift bags. I like it that being thrifty is becoming fashionable again. My mother and Aunt Grace (Depression housewives) used to vie to see who could be the most thrifty. They were proud of thriftiness, and it was actually fun for them. For our environment's sake, we need to become thrifty again.

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I have to agree with you. I think that may be the one blessing that the financial meltdown has brought about, that is, people are starting to save, and reuse. Thriftiness is the new black, in a sense.
The amount of paper generated from computer printouts alone must take out a tree or two, if not a forest. I always have a stack of note paper from printouts just to get some extra use from them. Now, if we only get printouts on slates...we could erase and not use any paper!

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well not only that

we are buying less oil (always good) and buying less electronics (good both because we don't throw them away and don't need to do all the mining to get the minerals needed for the wires) so in a way this economic meltdown is curbing a lot of the excesses.

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curbing excess

I have to agree with you! None of those things is bad, that is, curbing excess especially oil and mining.
Of course, as a disclaimer, I have to say that I live a fairly low tech life and don't have have all the fancy electronics and such. Yes, I have a computer and internet access, but not much else.

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I was just speaking generally.

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I hit submit too soon. I was just agreeing with you. People generally think that they can't make a difference so they don't do anything. But your blog proved them wrong.

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Joshua, Thanks! Now, if I

Thanks! Now, if I could just get these companies to go green!