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Books a plenty...

I'm always one to have several books going at once, and this week is no exception.  It makes for interesting reading, keeping several plotlines in my head, but as I have mentioned before, I learned to do that when I was young. 

I picked up two books from the library's new book shelf last Tuesday.  The first, Stuck in the Middle, by Virgina Smith, I have already completed and will soon return it.  This is the first book that I have ever read by this author.  Based on my perception of the book, Ms. Smith writes for a Christian market, that is, she wants to show her characters acting and living their faith.  For those who are looking for that sort of fiction, you might want to check her out.  

The second book, Forever, by Pete Hamill, I have just really started reading.  I have never read anything by this author either, but it looks, from the outset, to be a pretty good read.  I may adjust my thinking as I go on, but the premise of the book is that  the protagonist gets "a gift" and lives forever on the island of Manhattan (as long as he stays there).  I can only imagine the changes in New York the character will see in the two hundred plus years that the novel takes place.

I also picked up a book at  Borders a week or so ago that intend to both read and then release it as a bookcrossing book.  It is Sophie Hannah's debut novel, Little Face, a suspense novel about a mother and child who go missing.  A few chapters in and the book looks to be interesting, but only time will tell.  I expect I'll be putting more time into Forever since I have a time restraint with the library.

Last, but not least, I have my book group's choice of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls to read.  It actually was a whole college read for Bowling Green State University (Ohio) a few years ago.  At the time Jeannette Walls actually came to the campuses and spoke about her book.  It is supposed to be excellent; I guess I will know in a week or so.  At least, I have until our book group meets again in June to get it finished.  

Oh yeah, I forgot...I still have plans to read Etidorpha, but, per usual, it is on the backburner until I get these others done. However, right now, my husband has just suggested walking down to the local ice cream stand, and that sounds like the best offer I've had lately (steps on my pedometer and an ice cream cone)!